who are we?

Born from annoyance .....

Since we regularly go competition we ever bought an earpiece, perfectly natural ....
Until such a thing does not work and you are going to send, for weeks and when it returned a bill there that our mood was definitely not better.
Since I am over 20 years of business in electronics have had (www.msat.nl) the address for a good satellite installation on your truck for example) I thought "that can better and faster"
We're trying so, better faster and decent prices.

Problems with an system ....... Simply call 7 days a week between 8 and 22 hours.
 ........ we send after receiving your defective set a set on the same day to use as long as you set in repair.

In many big games we are there and we can repair or replace the same, so no unnecessary stress because your ear is not working.
Our truck is identified by the advertising AXhippo.
questions ...... call us 7 days a week 00316 5388 5390

Clear and smooth wireless instructional systems
Wireless instructional systems to coastal and approval. Nothing is more annoying than a poor wireless system. In AXhippo we understand that you should rely on the technique to relax and purposeful work to do. AXhippo is supplier of top brands including Sennheiser and Senrun and guarantees flawless operation of your instruction system with a clear and audible signal.

Already many stables and riding instructors went before you in the purchase of a personal instruction system or group instruction system in AXhippo. Coincidentally, several employees of AXhippo themselves avid horse athletes. They therefore know better than anyone what the wishes and requirements associated with such systems stables asked.